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SMS in a Box

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TDC's SMS-gateway "SMS in a Box" lets you create intelligent and context-conscious communication with your customers and employees with SMS - and strengthen the dialogue with your customers at the right times of their customer trip.

Organize SMS campaigns in the form of competitions, newsletters, club signups, customer dialogue automations and much more. Only imagination limits how you use SMS in your communication strategy. Feel free to contact us for great ideas on how to use SMS in your strategy.

Create a user today and access all features. You get the first 100 SMS's for free.

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Whether you have 10 or 1,000,000

receivers, have SMS in a Box


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2-way SMS with SMS in a Box

SMS in a Box can also receive SMS - also called 2-way SMS. For example, you can create an activity in SMS in a Box that automatically logs a customer into a customer club when sending a text message, or automatically sends your employees information they have subscribed via SMS.

Use SMS in a Box immediately

We have been in trouble to make it easy to use SMS in a Box. Therefore, we have made a web-based solution that you can use right away in your browser. We make sure that the tools are always up to date and work - even on your mobile.

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Automated dialogs

with SMS in a Box's API

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Reach the customer at the right time and place

SMS in a Box can also be integrated with your systems with APIs, allowing SMS communication with your customers to be accurately and fully automated to suit the customer's needs and location in their customer journey. We have developed an entire API universe that you can use.

Innovative digital team

SMS in a Box is developed and driven by an innovative digital team of dedicated specialists in SMS communication and user-friendliness. As part of TDC, we have years of experience with SMS communication. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about SMS in a Box. We are used to advising both small and large companies.

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90% read an SMS

within 3 minutes

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90% read an SMS within 3 minutes and 98% check SMS at least once a day. It makes SMS the most effective communication form compared to email, Twitter and Facebook.


It costs from 250 kr./Month for a subscription to SMS in a Box + traffic. We have different subscriptions and solutions, as you need.